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5 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

1) Honour your own space. create space within your world to make time just for yourself. This could be some deep alone time to do some writing, be out in nature or just be present to the here and now. or it could be some self care around getting a yummy massage, going out for a treat with a friend, or giving something to yourself that your soul needs.

2) getting the basics right. eating nourishing healthy food, moving your body, getting enough sleep, surrounding yourself with the right people who keep you real, honour you and uplift you to a higher version of self.

3) setting some healthy boundaries. This is around only saying yes to the things you truly want to, letting go of the guilt of saying no. Putting your own needs first, in order to feed your own soul.

4) letting go of any toxic energy that can keep you stuck from moving forward. when we can release the past and forgive ourself and others that have hurt us, we create the space for new energy to come forth that will be replenishing to our beings.

5) Get some support from a trained counsellor who can help you process your emotions. Getting support is a form of strength and can help you move forward into your life with a greater sense of self, deeper awareness and a new internal strength.

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