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Learn how to love saying NO! The art of healthy Boundaries 5 ways to learn how to love the word no.

Good boundaries start with getting comfortable with the word no. Often when we have been conditioned to put ourselves last for so long a lot of guilt comes with learning the art of saying no. Check out the 5 tips below that can help you learn to say No with a greater sense of ease.

1) When you say no to the things that don't sit with your life, what your actually saying is yes to better opportunities to advance yourself as a person and your self worth, which then adds a deeper feeling of strength within your being.

2) Saying the word No to friends or loved ones enables you to identify time in your schedule to create more freedom, which in turn gives you more space to dive into that creative project your soul has been calling you to do.

3) Saying the word No allows you to step into your power more, thus teaching others where they stand with you . If we continuously say yes to others out of guilt, this erodes our self esteem and is not brining forth a sense of authenticity into our relationships with others. The saying goes here 'we teach others how to treat us, so act accordingly'

4)Learning to love the word No is allowing yourself the freedom to let go of the guilt, to surrender to healthier internal feelings which allows us to grow and expand deeper into ourselves without feeling icky.

5) Learning to bring in self love around the word no allows any resentment of saying yes in the first place to disappear. When we hold onto resentment within our bodies, this can cause disease, illness and feelings of low self esteem. Let that go by simply saying sorry that wont work for me i'm not available to help you out on that day.

Gift yourself a life based on your own terms, create freedom, time, and energy on focusing on what it is you need to do and only say yes to the things that you decide you truly want to. That is self love 101

written by Hayley-Maree Litt

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